Foot Orthoses


Foot Orthotics are a type of medical device used to help support, align, correct and/or protect the feet as needed. 


Off the shelf orthotics

Ready made insoles, based off of shoe size, designed to fit most feet and provide some support and cushion. May help treat some conditions and support activities of daily living.

Custom-made orthotics

These orthotics are made according to the specific medical requirements of an individual. These orthotics are offered in a wide range of soft to hard shells, with added supports as needed. Based off of a mold made from your own feet, these are catered to your needs and will be adjusted as required until you are satisfied with the fit. Various materials are used to create the foot orthotics with corrections built in to reduce destructive forces, to protect the foot or control the foot position.


At One Bracing, we understand that each person is unique and will require a specific and personalized orthotic device.


Custom foot orthotics are a vital addition to the health care routines of many people, for a variety of reasons. These may include, but are not limited to, biomechanical deficiencies, diseases or aiding in general activities of daily living.  Our Canadian Certified Pedorthists employ a variety of techniques and assessments along with updated technology to make an accurate impression of a patient's foot and develop perfect-fitting custom-made orthotics. This includes a biomechanical assessment, examination of static and dynamic range of motion, gait analysis, and a discussion on both patient and prescribing practitioner's goals and concerns. 



Our Techniques

Pedorthists employ various casting techniques in order to give the patient the best result possible. At One Bracing we use foam impression and plaster casting.

Biomechanical Assessment 

A Biomechanical Assessment is essential to get the best treatment, and a great way for us to review history, range of motion testing, and static and dynamic gait patterns to confirm diagnosis and give us the information we need to create your custom foot orthoses.

Footwear Review

A foot orthotic is only as good as the shoe it goes into. If your footwear is not appropriate for orthotics or is simply not suitable for your foot type we can help. A Pedorthist is highly trained in footwear modification and fitting, and we will get you a personalized solution.

Treatment Plan 

We will help you develop a personalized multi-factorial plan to supplement the work the orthotics are doing. Physical therapy, stretching, strengthening, or referral to a specialist may help to speed healing time, better adapt to your orthotic, and reduce soreness.


Still Not sure if orthotics are right for you? We suggest starting with one of the following:

Contact your doctor or a walk-in clinic. They will be able to prescribe orthotics if necessary

Call or e-mail us for help with any questions regarding orthotics and our processes at One Bracing

Book an assessment appointment* with one of our Pedorthists to chat about the benefits of using an orthotic

*please note there is an assessment fee without purchase*


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