Can I Dance In Orthotics?

Can I Dance In Orthotics?

Do you ever feel like your orthotics are holding you back? We've all had moments where we want to express ourselves with music and move our bodies but feel limited by the extra support of prescription insoles. Well here's some good news - dancing in orthotics can be done and it doesn't have to be a chore! Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your dancing experience no matter what kind of shoes or orthotics you’re wearing.

Choosing the Right Shoes

The first step to a successful night of dancing is finding the right kind of shoe for your orthotic. No matter what style you want, it’s important to look for shoes that fit this checklist: 

  1. The fit is secure and snug around the foot (especially if there is arch or heel support)
  2. The material of the shoe is leather or synthetic, as it will be more supportive than canvas or cloth when paired with orthotics.
  3. The shoe can be properly secured. For heels, a strap around the ankle is ideal. For flat shoes, lace-ups such as Oxfords are excellent.

Make sure to try them on and make sure you've found a good fit before making the purchase!

Loosening up Your Orthotics

Once you have found a suitable pair of shoes, it's time to start loosening up your orthotics. Most models come with adjustable straps which allow you to customize their fit and loosen them up for more flexibility during dances. Make sure not to loosen them too much though as this could cause them to move around too much within your shoes.

Considerations for Certain Styles

Depending on what kind of dancing you plan on doing, there may be certain considerations that need to be taken into account when using orthotics while dancing. For example, breakdancing may require stronger support than ballet due to its more active moves and jumps, while ballroom styles such as salsa or swing may require less support than hardwood styles such as tap or jive since they involve less forceful movements on hard floors. It's important to adjust both your shoe choice and any settings/straps on your orthotics accordingly based off the type of dance being done.

Take Things at Your Own Pace

When learning how to dance in orthotics, it's best not rush through things but instead take things at your own pace so that you don't get frustrated or injured in any way. Start by mastering basic steps before moving onto more difficult maneuvers so that you can fully understand how each movement should feel in order for it accomplish correctly with an added layer of protection from your orthotic insoles supporting your feet along the way! With patience and practice comes greater ease over time - so just trust yourself and enjoy every moment!

Orthotics are a great addition to your footwear and will keep you on your feet dancing for hours this Valentine’s season. You should opt to get orthotics, whether over-the-counter (OTC) or custom-made, that are made with high-quality materials and a design that promotes natural body mechanics. 

One Bracing works alongside doctors to provide patients with high-quality and tailor-made custom orthotic inserts. Not only will patients receive a personalized fit, but they will also find them affordable. That’s because most of the One Bracing custom orthotics are covered through extended benefits plans. Call us at 250-598-7420 or e-mail us at [email protected] to set up your appointment today!

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