How Staying Hydrated Can Help Your Recovery

How Staying Hydrated Can Help Your Recovery

It’s no surprise that you’ve probably heard people tell you to “drink more water” as the weather heats up. They are not wrong as water has numerous benefits beyond keeping you hydrated. In fact, staying hydrated can help you recover faster after an injury. That fact is what we will be going over in today’s blog.

The Facts About Water

Before explaining how staying hydrated benefits your recovery, we need to first understand how water is distributed throughout the body. Water makes up about 90% of blood, 75% of muscles, and 25% of bone. It is an integral part of your everyday living as it maintains organs and cells, moves blood and nutrients through the body, aids in digestion, regulates body temperature and many other necessary bodily functions. Of course, we all understand that hydration is key, but it can sometimes be hard to discern when hydration can make a small or huge difference in recovering from the injury you’ve experienced. That makes it easy to forget how vital it really is. 

How Can Water Help Speed Up Recovery?

Water is what helps thin the blood and move nutrients and oxygen through the body. When the body is properly hydrated, it can move nutrients and oxygen to the injury you have experienced and help begin the healing process. Of course, there are some injuries that will need surgical intervention regardless of how hydrated you are. But that’s why it’s crucial to drink a lot of water after an injury or surgery so that these cell-repairing nutrients can be easily brought to the recovering area. Water is especially good at addressing:

  1. Joint Health

    60% of water is diverted to the cartilage in our joints. Water acts like a cushion and reduces the friction between the joint bones. When there is a scarcity of water in the body, cartilage loses its sponginess. Drinking more water helps keep your joints healthy so that when injuries do occur, the healing process is faster.

  2. Inflammation

    Health experts recommend that staying hydrated with enough water is a great way to reduce inflammation in the body. Water is specifically recommended because it can flush toxins and other irritants out of the body, which decreases your prostaglandin and histamine response. Both of these are associated with an inflammatory reaction.



Is Water the Only Option?

Yes, water is the best option for rehydrating. While you may be tempted to find workarounds, you should avoid caffeinated beverages and sports drinks because the sodium in them can cause water retention. Water retention makes it difficult to reduce swelling, which can impede your mobility as well as recovery. Sugary drinks should also be avoided because they can cause blood sugar levels to spike and fall, which will cause frequent urination and less water being diverted to the site of your injury.

What are the Signs I Need to Drink Water?

Any doctor can tell you that thirst is the main sign that you need more water, but by the time you realize you’re thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. Some other early signs that you need to drink more water include:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Foul breath
  • Dark and decreased urine
  • Dry mouth and skin

If you have suffered an injury, or are preparing for postoperative recovery, water is important. What’s also important is getting a brace to ensure support and comfort. The specialists at One Bracing are experts in the Orthotic & Bracing needs of a variety of patients. They are also very experienced with the requirements and measurements of many of the world's top bracing brands, including Bauerfeind, Breg, DonJoy, and Ossur. We will complete a Biomechanical Assessment for you, which includes a critical analysis of your body and all its moving parts. After the assessment, we will chat with you about your goals and concerns as well as those of the prescribing physician. We will also investigate your daily activities to try to find the brace or foot orthotic that will fit best into your lifestyle while looking after your personalized needs.  

One Bracing can supply custom bracing and orthotics through a variety of products. This can include custom measurements as well as newly innovated 3D scanning technology. By taking a 3D scan of your foot or leg, we can get precise measurements for a more functional and comfortable fit. Along with a personalized fit, custom bracing also offers extended warranties and coverage abilities through extended benefits plans.

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