Top 3 Reasons for Painful Orthotics

Top 3 Reasons for Painful Orthotics

If you are experiencing aches, pains and cramping while wearing orthotics, it can be discouraging to continue wearing them. There are many reasons, however, as to why your orthotics could be hurting you. By identifying what that reason is, you can manage your pain and find strategies to reduce it. This blog will be discussing the top three reasons for painful orthotics and their solutions.

1. The Orthotics are Ill-Fitted or Worn

Improper fitting is one of the top reasons for painful orthotics. If you have an improperly fitting foot orthotic, the reason is often that they are off-the-shelf and not fitted to your foot shape. An off-the-shelf solution cannot provide the degree of detail necessary, so pain may be a sign that you should consider a custom orthotic. The other reason for the pain could also be related to your orthotics becoming worn out and requiring replacement. Whichever may be, when getting either a new orthotic or a replacement, we recommend that you consider custom orthotics to help minimize future pain.

2. The Footwear is Improper

If your footwear is too cramped or does not have enough support for your feet, it can result in ongoing problems. Footwear that has become too worn or degraded will not provide the necessary level of support that is needed for orthotics. Improper footwear can cause your orthotics not to work, leading to discomfort or making the original problem worse. Ensure that you consult your Canadian Certified Pedorthist about your footwear when getting new orthotics. When purchasing new orthotic supports, we recommend that you pay careful attention to the footwear used. They should be fitted to work in several or specific pairs of shoes, boots, or sandals.

3. The Orthotics Are Not Broken In

Breaking in a new set of orthotics will be a different process for everyone. To minimize foot pain during break-in, we recommended that you do the following:

  • Only wear your orthotics for an hour the first time you wear them, then a couple of hours the next time.
  • If your orthotics do start hurting, stop wearing them immediately and take a break for the day from wearing them.
  • When getting into the habit of wearing them, make sure to not forget about them, or you will have to restart the process.

Your goal when breaking in orthotics should be building up a resistance to them so that you can wear them full time within a few weeks. If you're not comfortable wearing your orthotics full-time after two weeks, we recommend that you contact your orthotic provider to help solve the issue. If the problem is related to the orthotics, we will be glad to help consult you on a new pair that better fits you and your shoes.

Looking For New Orthotics or Braces?

The specialists at One Bracing are experts in the bracing needs of a variety of patients. They are also very experienced with the requirements and measurements of many of the world's top bracing brands, including Bauerfeind, Breg, DonJoy and Ossur. First, we will complete a Biomechanical Assessment for you, which includes a critical analysis of your body and all of its moving parts. After the assessment, we will chat with you about your goals and concerns and those of the prescribing physician. We will also look into your daily activities to find the brace or orthotic that best fits your lifestyle while looking after your personalized needs. 

One Bracing can supply custom bracing and orthotics through a variety of products. This can include custom measurements as well as newly innovated 3D scanning technology. By taking a 3D scan of your leg, the brace is unique to your leg. Along with a personalized fit, custom bracing also offers extended warranties and coverage abilities through extended benefits plans.

Call us at (250) 598-7420 or e-mail us at [email protected] to set up your appointment today!

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